Eshbal Functional Food develops and manufactures advanced food products and dietary supplements, using diverse manufacturing and packaging methods customized to meet all customer needs with precision and accuracy.

Dietary supplements, gluten-free products, vegan products,  sugar-free, sweeteners and sugar substitutes, food products for athletes, dietary fortification powders, cereals for children and adults, spreads, syrups, various powders and more


Our vision, to be a leading player in the international market of smart and healthy solutions for food and dietary supplements by leveraging progressive Research & Development and advanced manufacturing capabilities, for an improved quality of life.

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    What our customers are saying…

    ”What a pleasure working with you over the years! The professionalism, expertise and great human relations always accompanied with a smile and show of goodwill, is like an open door for me, and for Osem, when working with you. Always willing to assist with new projects and invest energies in new technological developments. For a good reason, Eshbal is the first company that comes to my mind whenever we have a new product for development and are considering who to work with.”
    ”Eshbal manufactures many products for Danshar. Eshbal is not only a manufacturer, but also a partner who assists in all stages of the development process for new products, from concept to launch.

    Eshbal is a reliable and professional manufacturer that provides a wide range of solutions for products in different and varying fields”

    ”As a customer of Eshbal I would like to highly recommend Eshbal’s products and the service I receive from them.

    The level of professionalism, commitment and uncompromising quality is why we keep working with Eshbal’s great team. I warmly recommend.”

    ”The quality of the products we are putting on the shelf, or in the hands of our customers, decides the fate of our company. In order to gain the customer’s trust, everything must be perfect, from consistent top-quality products, to branding and packaging. Therefore, we rely wholeheartedly on Eshbal to provide us with manufacturing services that meet the high standards we require. What I love most about Eshbal’s amazing team, starting from management , to R&D, and all the way to the workers on the production line, is their proactive and optimistic approach, they are always ready to discover new solutions and find ways to improve continuously. We are very pleased with our partnership and look forward to many more years of joint growth!”
    ”I met up with Eshbal as a consumer at some point when they discovered my Celiac. When I opened my own business, I knew I just had to include and sell their products. The orders are carried out in an easy and attentive way, the goods arrive in an orderly fashion. They’re fun to work with.”
    Nati GlickStrategic Buyer - Sub-contractors and Raw Materials
    Michal SchumanMarketing Manager
    Corey RonelCEO & Co-Owner
    Yehoshua CohenCEO Amber Flavors Ltd
    Gal AidanBusiness Owner