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At Eshbal, we research, develop, manufacture, and package private label brands for a large number of companies and enterprises in Israel and abroad. The basic principle we follow is aligning with our customers’ dreams and requirements together with our commitment to examining, researching, and recommending alternatives to improve the products while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing private label brands and know how to adapt to the personality and needs of our customer and provide professional guidance wherever required: from initial R&D stages, through regulation, manufacturing, and up to the finished product.

  • Our production lines include manufacturing and packaging capabilities for products packaged in bags, sticks, two-piece vegetarian capsules, dry mixtures in sachets and other packaging and processing methods. Packaging for virtually any weight, from 200 mg to 10 kg.
  • Development and production of cereals for infants and toddlers from age 6 months and up. These cereals are made from a variety of base ingredients such as oatmeal, semolina, rice, cornstarch and more (with and/or gluten-free) and fortified with specialized vitamins and minerals according to customer requirements and specifications.
  • Development of supplements for seniors such as for weight management, assistance with metabolism disorders, medicinal mushrooms and more.
  • Production of supplements for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Production of products suitable for the elderly and others with limited chewing abilities.
  • Production of starch-based talcum powders.
  • Our customer portfolio includes key players and market leaders from various fields relating to dietary supplements and medicinal foods. All our dietary supplements are manufactured under Private Label for a diverse variety of customers and specializations.


Process Stages for Private Label Manufacturing:

  • Initial conversation based on introductory information on the project and examining capabilities + signing of a confidentiality agreement
  • Professional meeting including more detailed information
  • Basic early development to achieve preliminary information
  • First price quote (subject to change as the project progresses)
  • Collaboration on final alterations for perfectly defined products and packaging, tasting until approval of formula and flavors, and closing of product
  • Transferring of information to graphics for packaging needs
  • Opening customer records and setting up product within the Eshbal systems
  • Building a product portfolio that includes all necessary documents according to regulations and, certification from the Israeli Ministry of Health
  • Manufacturing of the product, including quality control processes and dispatching for laboratory testing as required, according to product type
  • Packaging according to customer requirements
  • Congratulations! A new product is born!

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