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Eshbal Functional Food develops and manufactures advanced food products and dietary supplements, using diverse manufacturing and packaging methods customized to meet all customer needs with precision and accuracy.

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Our Vision

To be a leading player in the international market of smart and healthy solutions for food and dietary supplements by leveraging progressive Research & Development and advanced manufacturing capabilities, for an improved quality of life.

  • • Transition from manufacturing basic generic food products - to the world of functional, advanced, and unique food products
  • • Finding development and operational solutions custom-tailored to the individual needs and desires of our customers
  • • Outstanding service from concept phase and all the way through to ongoing supply of final product
  • • Uncompromising quality

Eshbal was established as the Galam Packaging Company back in 1940 in Kibbutz Ma’anit, Israel, and was acquired in 2014 by a private group of investors from the food and food technology sector.

Eshbal Functional Food is true to its name – researching, developing and manufacturing food products from various areas, but mainly focusing on innovative functional food components – food products with beneficial health effects far beyond their nutritional value such as gluten-free, sugar-free, dietary supplements, baby cereals, proteins and supplements for athletes, for the elderly and the sick.

The company’s products can be found on Israeli food shelves under our brands: Konditor, Komida, Zen, Barili (formerly Bar-El), Mamtikei Hazahav, Karagil, and under our customers’ private label brands since 1940 and up to the present.

The company also exports various products to the United States, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Denmark, and other additional countries.


At last, we are pleased to bring you our products right to your doorstep

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Research & Development


Our R&D team includes some of Israel’s leading experts in dietary supplements and food development. Eshbal has access to the world’s most advanced food technologies, and the ability to utilize knowledge and expertise, supplying high-end food products both nationally and globally. At the same time, we remain in close contact with Innovation Leaders from the Food-Tech market and cooperate with various R&D departments.

We are operating in 4 central departments:

Within the different departments, we specialize in developing complex products that require technological solutions concerning taste and texture, as well as compliance with strict regulations –

Gluten-free, vegan, no added sugar – sugar substitutes, specialized supplements such as superfoods, proteins, vitamins and more.


Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Mixing of various powders and cereals
  • Cooking and preparation of syrups and liquids, manufacturing of cheese substitutes and spreads
  • Manufacturing of capsules, sticks and sachets
  • Manufacturing and packaging of baked gluten-free products (dry, baked, and frozen)
  • Diverse packaging technologies for different needs
  • Gluten-Free Bakery
  • Spreads and Syrups
  • Dietary Supplements and Specialized Food Products
  • Powders and Cereals

The Eshbal Company serves a wide range of customers from large industrial customers, notably the ice cream industry, through leading retailers in the Israeli market (Shufersal, Rami Levy, Super Pharm, etc.), other leading domestic companies (Altman, Sugat, Osem, etc.), smaller wholesale and institutional customers, and even end-consumers which we reach through the chain stores and more recently, through direct sales through our website.

We believe in, and strive to find development and operational solutions custom-tailored to our customers’ individual needs and desires, while providing the highest level of service from the concept phase, and all the way through ongoing supply

of final products of uncompromising quality.


a series of premium flours for gluten-free baking. The distinctive quality of our premium wheat flour substitutions which facilitate accessible baking, free of tedious complications, estimations, and calculations. The “Karagil” line of flours serves as a convenient replacement for regular wheat flour for home baked bread, cakes and more.  The brand was launched in collaboration with Chef Einat Mazor, a recognized leader in the world of Gluten-Free.


Our line of high-quality baking and cooking products for household use, including a wide range of products from confectioners’ sugar, corn flour, baking pudding and up to Dulce de Leche. Most of the products in this line are Gluten-Free and are marked as such.


Israel’s first brand of Dulce de Leche, preserving the traditional manufacturing processes of Argentina. For years, Komida leads as a favorite with its delicious and familiar taste, and its unique texture adapted to withstand cooking and baking with great results, used extensively by the food industry for various needs.


The unique brand produced under the Kosher supervision of Badatz Eida HaChareidis Jerusalem to serve the ultraorthodox Jewish community, the line includes a variety of baking and cooking products, Dulce de Leche and sweet syrups, as well as a number of products specifically produced for the Institutional market.


The innovative brand of gluten-free products, from flour blends, to cookies, breadcrumbs, and up to breads and pastries. The next generation of gluten-free, including supplements such as vitamins and minerals, proteins, super foods and more.


The long-established and well-loved brand of delicious, top quality vegan food – cheeses, meat substitutes and teff breads, designed for the nutritionally aware and conscious public


The Company’s 6,000 square meter factory located in Kibbutz Ma’anit, operates state-of-the-art production machinery for the manufacturing of dry mixes, “wet” products, baked goods, and dietary supplements.

All facilities are operating under the strict regulatory standards of governmental and international authorities, including; ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 22002-1:2008, HACCP and GMP

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The Company Team

Tomer Bar-Meir


Saul Koder

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Ronit Vivante

VP Finance

Arkadi Chervinchik

VP Operations

Maher Abu-Much

Sales Manager

Lee Levy-Eldar

VP Sales & Marketing

Sharon Bitawolin

Executive and Marketing Administrator

Ella Eden Amram

Marketing Coordinator

Adva Rabruch

Quality Assurance Manager

Limor Shani


Na’ama Carmi Kivelevich

VP Quality

Stav Eliyahu

Development Technologist

Zohar Drummer

Development Technologist

Shoshi Cohen

HR & Payroll Manager

Maria Khatsor

PPC & Procurement Manager

David Bar-Meir

Baking Dept Manager

Bashir Fadaus

Komida Supervisor

Mohamed Biadasa

Komida Supervisor

Irena Gokhvat


Rivka Galbud

Quality Control

Ismain Shomali

Warehouse Manager

Felix Pitarov

Dietary Supplements and Sweeteners & Mixing Dept Manager

Nadya Matatov

Powders Dept Manager

Yair Kandalker

Maintenance Manager